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Andrea Kiss: oldaltérkép

Who am I?

A minimalistic biography.


The events I take part in.


Some of the films I directed. Some of the films I was working on (especially as an animator).

The Mouse with a Mouth

The Mouse with a Mouth (in French: Le Mulot menteur - in Hungarian: A Hazudós egér) is my last film. It’s a 20-minute cut-outs animation film. The film is based on the story written by the Hungarian author Ervin Lázár.

Other works

Because there is something else in my life apart from animation film, here is a small preview of some of my other personal works.

My blog

Only in Hungarian. Well… there are pictures. I talk about everything and anything. But don’t expect any talk about animation film or illustration.


A selection of sites that catch my attention.

To contact me

To contact me.

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