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Andrea Kiss: filmek

As a director:

Cheonggyecheon - 청계천

(2011, 3 min. 45 sec., HD video)

digital painting - 2D computer

Seoul, a summer night. A family’s journey, between dream and reality, through the streets of the megalopolis guided by mysterious creatures to a small and magical stream: the Cheonggyecheon.

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The Mouse with a Mouth - Le Mulot menteur

(2008, 19’21’’, Autre)

In the deepness of the forest when the night falls, the animals meet at the Forest Pub to listen to the extraordinary stories of the Mouse.

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Marbles - Jeux de billes
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(2005, 1’08’’, Mini DV)
drawing, object animation

An abstract universe of visual plays: lights flicking on and off, shadows and marbles.
Some mysterious red creatures appear, ride the marbles and the lights in a tremendous mechanical ballet.

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Bla bla - Et patati et patata by Andrea Kiss & Jean-Philippe Salvadori

(2003, 1’10’, 35 mm)
puppet animation

Three little creatures appear in a small and sleepy town. They wake up the people in a magic way and drive them to a film screening.

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Krok film de Andrea Kiss, Zsuzsanna Szabó

(2002, 1’50’’, 16 mm)
3D traditionnal animation (recycled items)

The film is in-between a diary, an animated documentary, a spiritual journey… and a tribute to the Russian-Ukrainian Krok animated film festival.

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The Fairy with the seven heads - A Hétfejű tündér de Andrea Kiss

(1998, 10’23’’, 16 mm)
puppet animation, paint on glass

The Ugliest man in the world lives in a village far, far away. Desperate and bitter about his outlooks, he blames for his ugliness the “Fairy with the seven heads”. He decides to take revenge…

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Reklame TV2 de Andrea Kiss, Kjetil Prestesæter

(1996, 5 x 15’’, Autre)
puppet animation

These spots frame the advertising segment of the 2nd channel of Norwegian public television.

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Sink Song - Csap Dal de Andrea Kiss

(1995, 5’50’’, Betacam SP)
object animation

A playful object animation about the relationship of two water taps in a Sink.

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 - Gemini de Andrea Kiss

(1993, 16 mm)
puppet animation

The film is about duality and encounter.
The screen is divided into two parts:
in the black part is living a white character;
in the white part is living a black character.
The black part of the screen is made out of clay. The white part is made out of sand
The black character is trying to out of his area to meet the black character; and vice versa.

There is Always Something to Topple de Andrea Kiss, Csilla Temesvári

(1992, 1’06’, Betacam SP)
puppet animation

The fight of two graffiti characters on a wall.

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The Way of the Phoenix - A fönix útja de Andrea Kiss, Zsuzsanna Szabó

(1992, 16 mm)
puppet animation

The film is based on repetition:
a bird die and come back to life. Each time he is reborn, the film introduce a new variation on image (color or texture) or on sound track (instrument).

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 - Desdemonica de Andrea Kiss

(1992, 16 mm)
puppet animation

The film is a parody of the scene where Othello kills his wife.

Loon - Lommen de Andrea Kiss

puppet animation

Meanwhile God was creating this bird, he was so satisfield of his outlook that he decided to fly away before God finished his work…

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The Little Boy and the Lion - Le Petit garçon et le lion de Andrea Kiss

(en projet, 52’, Autre)

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As an animator:

Fossil memory - Mémoire fossile de Anne-Laure Totaro, Arnaud Demuynck

(2009, 10’, 35 mm)
animated charcoal drawings

A young boy discovers his grandfather’s life through a stethoscope. From the house where the old coal miner is dying of silicosis, the child begins an audiovisual journey going back in time. This initiatory experience will bring to the little boy the consciousness of History and the desire of maintaining Memory alive.

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The Swedish Woman - La Svedese de Nicolas Liguori

(2008, 9’, 35 mm)
animated charcoal drawings

A couple meet and fall in love in the blinding light of summer. She discovers Naples, its religious processions and silent museums. He films the arid slopes of the volcano. The Swedish Woman pays a moving tribute to Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini in the encounter, as improbable as it is explosive, between a famous Hollywood actress and a “missionary” film director.

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Loseno - Prince Loseno de Jean-Michel Kibushi Ndjate Wooto

(2005, 26’, )

The film is based on a traditional African story.
In a far away kingdom of Africa, the king is desperately looking for an heir to the throne.

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Café - Kávéház de Rozi Békés

(2002, 2’03’’, Mini DV)
computer animation (Flash)

A short slice of life in a Budapest Kavéház (Café)… far from outside restlessness.

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Pharmacy - Apteka de Bruce Checefsky, László László Révész

(2001, 4’34’’, 35 mm)

Film realized in Cako Studio, after Apteka, lost experimental animated film, realized in 1930 by The Themerson.

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One Day A Man Bought A House - Huset på Kampen de Pjotr Sapegin

(1998, 7’, 35 mm)

One day a man bought a house. But someone was already living in it. The man tried to chase her out but with time he realized that he couldn't do without her.

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