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Andrea Kiss: Oldalinfó


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General design of the web site, texts: Jean-Philippe Salvadori

Illustrations and photos
All the pictures or any other item (cutouts, sketches…) from Andrea Kiss’ film The mouse with A Mouth, are the property of Andrea Kiss.
For the pages dedicated to events in which the film ( The Mouse with a Mouth) is involved, the pictures are, except mention clarifies contrary, the property of Révélations hongroises.
For the other pages, the pictures are, except mention clarifies contrary, the property of Révélations hongroises.

Extracts of the film
The copyrigntholders of the film are:
– the Belgian production and distribition society "Ambiances…asbl"
– the French production society "Les Médias associés"
– the Hungarian production society "Kecskemétfilm Ltd."

– French-English: Andrea Kiss, Suzanne Pinder, Jean-Philippe Salvadori
– French-Hungarian: Andrea Kiss

Last update: 19/01/2017
Next update: 15/05/2017

Technical information

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To play the film extracts

To view the film extracts available on the web site, you can download the players below:

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