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Andrea Kiss: other works


Music albums

Child of the Wind (Enfant de vent)

by Cécile Corbel

This album, released on March the 29th of 2019, has 19 tracks with beautiful sung parts and fantastic musicians. It's available as a digipack - limited edition with a 28 pages illustrated book.
I had the big pleasure to realize for this album 3 music-videos and 19 illustrations for the 19 songs plus 2 illustrations for the cover.
I propose you to know more about the album by clicking on the first link bellow, to discover the 3 music-videos realized for the album by clicking on the 2nd link below and to discover the 19 illustrations made for the album after the 2 links below:

More about the album Child of the Wind (Enfant du vent)

Link to the music-videos of the album Child of the Wind (Enfant du vent) realized by Andrea Kiss

Je vous propose d’en savoir plus sur l’album en cliquant sur le lien ci-dessous et de découvrir 3 des illustrations réalisées pour l’album ci-dessous (après les 2 liens) :

Three boats (Trois bateaux)

Walking in the air

Joli Whistle


Ölelj át!

Hug me!

by Andrea Büki


A children psychology book about attachment parenting.

More information on Ölelj át! (in Hungarian)

Az Elfürészelt Feleség

The woman cut in two

by László Devecsery


Collection of humoristic short stories.

More information on Az Elfürészelt Feleség (in Hungarian)


Dream Makers

by Bernadett Fekete


A documentary book on Filipino street children.

More information on Álmodók (in Hungarian)

La Mémoire des écailles

by Jean-Philippe Salvadori


Collection of poems.

More information on La Mémoire des écailles (in French)


available online: December 15th 2019


available online: December 15th 2019


available online: December 15th 2019

Bits and pieces

available online: December 15th 2019



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