Cheonggyecheon - 청계천

An episode of The Little Rivers in my Mind

A film by Andrea Kiss

Belgium, France, South Korea - 2011
3 min. 45 sec. - HD - 16/9 - color
digital painting, 2D computer

Seoul, a summer night. A family’s journey, between dream and reality, through the streets of the megalopolis guided by mysterious creatures to a small and magical stream: the Cheonggyecheon.

Script: Jean-Philippe Salvadori, Andrea Kiss – from The Little Rivers in my Mind (Mes petites rivières de poche), a collection of stories and anecdotes by Jean-Philippe Salvadori
Story-board: Andrea Kiss, Jean-Philippe Salvadori
Character design, backgrounds, image: Andrea Kiss
Animation: Kaye, Andrea Kiss
Additionnal animation: Pascal Giraud, Hannah Letaïf, Alexandra Lolivrel, Jean-Philippe Salvadori
Music: Amaury Bourget
Sound design and editing: Anton Vodenitcharov
Editing: Andrea Kiss

Production: Andrea Kiss

With the support of: SICAF - Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival Organizing Committee

Credit list and résumé (pdf) + pictures.