The Fairy with the seven Heads

A Hétfejű tündér

a film by Andrea Kiss

1998, 10 min. 3 sec., 16 mm, color
puppets, painting on glass
Script:Andrea Kiss – after the tale Hétfejű tündér (The Fairy with the Seven Heads) of Ervin Lázár

Backgrounds:Andrea Kiss, Erik Taal
Image & animation :Andrea Kiss
Sound Design:Béla Zsebényi
Music:Magnar Åm
Editing: Ágnes Völler, Pål Gegenbach
Producers:Høgskulen i Volda, Gunnar Strøm, Ingvar Elgesam / Studio Ex-ist, Gábor Morvay

The Ugliest man in the world lives in a village far, far away. Desperate and bitter about his outlooks, he blames for his ugliness the “Fairy with the seven heads”. He decides to take revenge.

Français Magyar
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