Pull de laine

A music-video of Cécile Corbel song Le Bal des chats Pull de laine - album: Enfant du vent (Child of the Wind)

Directed by: Andrea Kiss

France, 2019, 2 min. 09 sec., video HDTV1, 16:9, couleur
Script:Andrea Kiss
Characters design:Andrea Kiss
Backgrounds:Andrea Kiss, Philippe Crozat
Image:Andrea Kiss, Jean-Philippe Salvadori, Philippe Crozat
Animation:Andrea Kiss, Philippe Crozat, Jean-Philippe Salvadori
Music:Cécile Corbel song Pull de laine (album Child of the Wind)
Editing: Andrea Kiss, Jean-Philippe Salvadori
Production:Universal Music France - Polydor / Lionel Grosheny

A stubborn and resourceful boy sneaks in the nature. His mother tries to catch him to make him wear his wool sweater but the boy slips away always further on.

Français Magyar
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