A music-video of Cécile Corbel song Le Bal des chats Joli-Whistle - album: Enfant du vent (Child of the Wind)

Directed by: Andrea Kiss

France, 2019, 1 min. 51 sec., video HDTV1, 16:9, couleur
Script:Andrea Kiss
Characters design:Andrea Kiss
Backgrounds:Andrea Kiss, Philippe Crozat
Image:Andrea Kiss, Jean-Philippe Salvadori
Animation:Andrea Kiss, Philippe Crozat, Jean-Philippe Salvadori
Music:Cécile Corbel song Joli-Whistle (album Child of the Wind)
Editing: Andrea Kiss, Jean-Philippe Salvadori
Production:Universal Music France - Polydor / Lionel Grosheny

From his birth a boy only think about playing the joly whistle. He become a young man, the world is changing around him but he is continuously playing the Joli-Whistle.

Français Magyar
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